Pantry shelves

Now that I have my amazing new pantry I’ll share how we made the shelves. We decided to make the shelves out of plywood as it is cheap and strong.


We made 6 shelves in total; 2 full depth, 4 shelves with wings and 1 shallow shelf for storage.

The wonderful man at mitre10 cut our shelves to size for us. We replaced the walls in the cupboard but the house is old so the walls are still slightly warped.  Mr Ecochick had to plane the back of the shelves to make them fit snugly.


Mr Ecochick cut out the wings from the shelves off cuts.


We borrowed a biscuit machine from a friend to attach the shelves and wings together.  The machine was easy to use and has made the shelves so super strong. I have so many other projects I want to make using the biscuit machine! Mr Ecochick cut biscuit holes in the wings and the shelves. He added glue to both edges also inside the biscuit holes. Then add the biscuits and push both edges together. We clamped the shelves for the night and let them dry. We only had one large clamp so this took a few days to complete.


Once all the shelves were finished I sanded them. Looking hot there in my working clothes! It took about 4 hours to sand all the shelves (I think I got some nerve damage so maybe take turns doing this or do it over a few days). Once sanded I painted 1 coat of sealant and 2 coats of white paint.


To attach the shelves to the walls we made timber frames; 1 long piece for the back wall and 2 short ones for the sides.  All the shelves and framed only fitted in one spot. Mr Ecochick stamped all frame’s positions using our metal punch. He also stamped all the shelves in a few different places in case it was hard to read once sanded and painted.


We sanded these including the edges to soften them. I like the soft corner look.  I painted the frames by lining them up and using a roller to paint one side at a time. The paint dried so super quickly I could do 3 sides at once and then basically paint over top straight away.


Once everything was painted it was time to assemble the pantry. This was a mission as we had to build the pantry from the bottom shelf up. We attached the shelves with the wrapping of the plywood upward to preload the shelves so that they wont bend and break over time. Tip: attach the shelves from under the frames not from the top. This means no holes in my beautiful new shelves.


We added 2 brackets to the top 4 shelves for added strength. The bottom 2 shelves are full sheets so we added brackets to the centre door frame.


The shelves are so strong that Mr Ecochick could stand on them to fit the top shelf.


John made himself a bed in the pantry.


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