Pantry labels

Still loving my new pantry! I have finally sorted all my labels out. So I thought it was time to share what my sexy pantry looks like. I got lots of old Agee jars from MIL she just had them sitting the her garage gathering dust. She didn’t want them and boy was I glad to take them off her hands. I did have to buy new lids for my jars. I was lucky so my storage didn’t cost me much money at all.

pantry_labels_organise I bought several second hand cane baskets for storage. I love how tidy things look when they are in baskets. Some of the trays I got off freecycle. I wanted to paint them but my friends convinced me not to as they are retro trays. I made wooden tags for my labels to attach to the baskets/ trays.

pantry_labels_organiseI bought some Avery labels and made a template for them. If you would like your very own copy of my template you can download them here from NZ Ecochick’s facebook page. We printed these on a laser printer so they wont run if they get wet. Though they are paper labels so come of when they get wet. Luckily these labels are cheap so if they come off I can easily make more.

pantry_labels_organise I had great fun sticking the labels on and making my pantry look all pretty. Now it’s so easy to find what I have in stock and so no more wasting money on doubling up on food.

pantry_labels_organise How do you keep your pantry under control?


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