I love pancakes, I love thin pancakes, I love thick pancakes, I love crepes, I just love pancakes! Mr Ecochick makes the most amazing pancakes – actually the recipe is Jaime Oliver’s. This recipe makes lovely thick super yummy American style pancakes. You can add any filling you like when you are cooking the pancakes. We normally make our pancakes with blueberries and cheese in them- though not in the same pancake! I love grated cheese in my pancakes then with a generous helping of golden syrup on top! Yummy!
3 large eggs
1 cup plain flour
2 teaspoon baking powder
1-1 1/5 cups milk (depends on what flour you use we use 1 1/5 cups of milk)
A pinch of salt
Toppings/ fillings of your choice
Maple or golden syrup
Separate the white and the yolks of the eggs. Put the whites in a mixing bowl and add the salt then mix on high (we use our beloved Kenwood mixer) for several minutes until the whites are stiff.
Mix the flour, baking powder, milk and yellow yolks in a separate bowl.
Add a small amount of the egg whites and mix this through the batter. Add the rest of the egg whites and mix through the batter until it’s all mixed together and smooth. 
Heat a pan and use a neutral flavoured oil (we use bran oil) to grease the pan. 
Put a dollop of the batter in the middle of the pan (aim for about 10cm across- this is a very thick batter). Add your chosen filling(s).
When you first start seeing bubbles on your pancake then turn it over (Mr Ecochick can flip his pancakes in the air but I fail miserably at this!). 
A little bit of guess work is required in making sure the pancake is cooked correctly. Cook both sides for about the same amount of time but you can flip the pancake over a few times if you need to cook one side a bit longer.
Pour maple or golden syrup over the pancakes and enjoy them while they are hot.

We use to buy maple syrup but at $8 a bottle it is super expensive so when we ran out we started using golden syrup and I haven’t noticed the difference in flavour at all so we’re going to save ourselves a bunch of money and only buy golden syrup from now on. Enjoy these super scrumptious pancakes. 

Note: The difficult part of cooking the pancakes is getting the temperate right you want it low enough so it doesn’t burn and high enough that it doesn’t take ages to cook. You’ll have to play around with your element to get it right. We have gas and use a medium low setting.
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