Panasonic breadmaker SD-2501 review

food_nz_scratchPanasonic very kindly sent me their new breadmaker (model SD-2501) to try out and share my thoughts with you all. First off the new model looks fantastic, is super slim-lined, easy to move around, really easy to clean and even easier to take the bread out. This machine makes amazing fresh bread; it’s so wonderful to put all the ingredients in, set the timer and be woken by the smell of fresh bread. Take the warm bread out and spread it with a thick layer of homemade jam which you can also make in this bread maker. That’s right this breadmaker not only allows you to make bread but you can also make jam and compote.
bread_nz_homemadeI love the versatility of this machine. I love that you just pour in all your ingredients select one of the 27 different options (there is a handy menu list inside the lid) including several gluten free options and voilĂ . The breadmaker has a large raisin/ nut dispenser for adding extra goodies to your bread. It’s so versatile you can make a large variety of breads in three different sizes and three different crust types. You can use the wonderful recipe book provided or you can use one of the many recipes on line or simply make it up as you go along. In the maker we’ve made a variety of wholemeal breads, French sticks, fruit loaves, brioches, pizza bases and cakes to name a few.
I love that I can bake any bread I’m in the mood for, any time of the day and it’s warm and fresh. I love that I am in control of what my family is eating and what is in our bread; just pure ingredients with no additives. Not to mention fresh beautiful bread at a fraction of the cost of expensive artisan bread.
The maker is super easy to use simply pour, push the button and off you go. Bon appetit.
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