Pallet crates

Mr Ecochick made these amazing wooden crates to store bulk items in our pantry. Since our cupboard was completely custom made store bought crates wouldn’t fit and also these are ridiculously expensive. I got the idea from the house of Smiths‘ vintage crates. 
I’ve always wanted to make something out of pallets and so was super excited that we could make these crates out of recycled pallets. A wonderful friend gave us the pallets, we already had the plywood in the garage so the only thing we had to buy was the wooden moulding.   
The wonderful couple who gave us the pallets also gave us some good tips on how to cut up the pallets to maximise the lengths of wood. Basically saw/cut both ends of the wood close to the outside beam and then hammer or wiggle the wooden planks off the centre beam to remove long lengths of wood. John loved all the hammering and power tools. He even got out his little hammer to help.    
Our crates are custom made to fit in our particular space so I’m going to give you the measurements we used for our crates to give you an idea how to make them but you could make them any length to suit your needs. We intend to make many more of these. 
What you’ll need to make one crate:
6 x 310mm lengths of pallet wood
6 x 610mm lengths of pallet wood
1 x 280 x 615mm piece of plywood
4 x 290mm mouldings 
8 biscuits 
Mr Ecochick first planed all the lengths of wood to make them smoother as pallet wood is very rough and looks much better planed. Attached two long lengths to each long side of the plywood. We used a biscuit machine as we had one but if you don’t have access to one you could just glue the lengths on. Clamp the wood till the glue sets. To keep the wood evenly apart we wedged pieces of plywood between the lengths. When the glue is dry unclamp then biscuit and glue the shorter end pieces (we attached the end pieces over the long lengths to give a nicer finish). 
Once the base is dry screw (from the inside) the four lengths of moulding one in each corner. Mr Ecochick planed off two of the sides of the moulding so it would fit better in the corners and also so you wouldn’t hurt your hand when getting things out of the crate once completed. Mr Ecochick then glued and screwed all the sides and ends to the mouldings from the inside.
Once all the sides have been attached Mr Ecochick planed all the sides so they all met perfectly. The crates were then sanded (with a sander but John looked so cute helping).
Once the crates were completed I oiled them with some finishing oil to give them some protection (you could oil or varnish or paint your crates). I then added some wall paper to the inside of the crates as I couldn’t help myself. John and I attached some felt strips to the bottom of the crates to help them slide easier. 
Once this was all done I added labels to the crates and there we have an amazing new storage system. I can’t wait to make more of these crates they are SO super strong and will look amazing all over the house. Since pallets are free these crates really don’t cost much money to make at all, however they are rather time consuming I think all four crates took a few days to complete. We also plan to make one with just the base wood and some shelves to put all my tins on. So watch this space.

 Madeleine  x

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