Paint and clean up as green as posible

I love painting; well I love how quickly you can change a room or item with a little bit of paint. So I guess I love paint rather than painting.  
Painting and clean up can be very unenvironmentaly friendly. 
Here are some tips to green your painting;
Choose volatile organic compounds (VOC) free or low VOC paints or milk paint.
Choose water based paints over oil based paints 
and paint with the windows open.
When your paint can is empty let the paint dry completely
then take the can to your paint shop for recycling
(ie Resene paint to the Resene shop).
When painting use old tins and line with cling film 
(this I the only reason I have this in the house 
actually I don’t think it’s ever used for anything else).
Pour the paint into the cling film in the tin.
In between coats stick the cling film together
or cover with a plate then you can reuse the paint for the next coat. 
when you’re finished let the paint dry then simply throw the cling film in the bin and recycle or reuse the can.
Better than throwing the whole tin out. 
When using a roller and tray line the tray with a plastic bag.
When finished throw the plastic bag away. 
Do not try to reuse the plastic bag as you’ll get dry paint flakes on your painted surface (so not cool). 
In between coats wrap your roller/ brushes in a bag so you don’t need to clean your brushes every time. 
You can keep these in bags for about 24 hours but no more as it’ll ruin your brushes.
If you use oil based paints you’ll need solvents to clean the brushes/ rollers
 (all paints have their places)
Pour your solvent into a glass jar/can then clean your brushes.
When your brush is clean leave the solvent in the jar with the lid off.
  The paint will sink to the bottom of the jar.
Pour the clear liquid on top into a larger jar with a lid.
The liquid from the top can be reused over and over again;
just let the paint sink to the bottom first each time.
This prolongs the life of the solvents and makes it a little greener.
I love paint and hope these tips help green your painting a little.
Do you have any tips to share?
Madeleine  x
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