Organizing John’s closet

I’m on a decluttering/ tidying spree again. About once a year I go through the house and get rid of lots of things. We all have way too much stuff. I love to remove it from my home and life. I read a great quote the other day from 19th century architect William Morris: “Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” I’ve giving lots of things away on freecycle and also selling items on trade me. Be free my pretties.
I’m busy changing John’s room from a nursery to a big boy room. I’m not finished yet so I wont share photos but I did sort out his cupboard. I hated the closet every time I went in there but it’s much better now.


Embarrassing how messy it was. Actually lots of the clothes in here aren’t even John’s. Well technically they are but he cant fit them anymore so now they are Gabriel’s. I thought it was only fair that I took them out of this room.     organised_children_room

The impressive mess I made in the hall while cleaning out John’s closet.


Looking so much tidier now. I love a clean and organised space. So where did it all go?


The jerseys all got folder up and put in John’s tall boy. So much easier to find now.

organised_children_roomAll the clothes got sorted and put away and labelled these will go in the attic until Gabriel needs them. Fantastic another nice clean space in our lives. On to the next room…


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