Organising the toy cupboard

A few months ago I made a play room for John in our lounge.
John loves having his own space that he can play in.
I love that I can pack all his toys up in one place 
but over the last little while it has got very messy. 
All the toys were kind of thrown in there at the end of the day.
We couldn’t find toys when we wanted them and also only a few toys got played with as every thing was a mess.
 I got these cool bamboo boxes from freecycle.
 I pulled everything out of the cupboard and sorted it out.
I tried to get rid of some toys but John still plays with all the toys we have 
especially now that he can find the toys.
I organised all the toys so that like is with like ie all the wooden food is together, all the trains are in a big basket. 
Having the toy cupboard organised makes it much easier for John to find toys to play with and also he is now playing with a wider range of toys.
It has now been easier to keep the cupboard tidy.

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