Organising my chest fridge

Two months on and still love my chest fridge
I STILL get a kick out of opening the top 
and looking deep into my massive cheap fridge space. 
Over the last two months I have been refining how my fridge is organised.
 I used the two baskets that came with my freezer to store items in.
The one on the left has cheese and spreads in it. 
I’ve used two ice cream containers to keep my spreads and cheeses 
all nicely contained and together.
The one in the middle is for leftovers. Nom nom nom. 
The freezer came with a wire separator on top of the motor. This is super handy. 
We keep milk, yoghurt and other items that are used regularly on here. 

We bought 8 plastic bins with lids to organise the fridge and freezer.

We drilled 10 large holes in the bins to allow for air circulation. 
These are super handy to store food in 
and are easy to take in and out of the fridge and freezer. 
I love that the bins stack on top of each other and make sure that nothing gets squished. 
 The second layer of my fridge is one of my bins 
(at the moment we only have one bin we have bought another one but dont need it yet).
In here we keep all our veggies together. Nice and easy. 
You can’t reach this bin from the top but the baskets are super easy to take out and get items out. 

In the bottom of the fridge are two more bins. 

The one on the left has all our condiments in all happily together. 
We can reach this bin with the baskets in. 
On some of the lids I’ve written what is in them to make it easier to find what we’re looking for. 
I’d really like to get some chalkboard pant to paint the lids
so I can write on them what’s inside.
The one on the right as you can see is Mr Ecochick’s beer stash 
I actually think it’s empty at the moment 🙁
You can’t reach this without taking out a basket and the veggie bin 
so Mr Ecochick keeps a few beers on top of the motor.

So far this system is really working for us. Finding everything is easy and also I know what is in the fridge so shopping is easy as you can see what needs replacing.
Food doesn’t go to waste at the back of the fridge as all levels are visible 
(except the beer bin maybe I need a system for that?! he he).
How do you keep your fridge organised? 

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