Organising my chest freezer

Since we moved our chest fridge into the kitchen we made room to buy a chest freezer for the laundry. I generally use glass jars to store our freezables in so I needed a tough storage system. I sorted our freezer using the same bins we used for our chest fridge. I stacked the bins in order of how often we use the items.


I have 3 baskets along the top of the freezer for the most often used items. The baskets are easily lifted out to get into the baskets below.


On top of the motor I have other items that are often used.


The first layer of bins has baby food in it and veggie meat.


The bottom bins are for frozen avocados, frozen tomatoes, baking goods, pasta sheets and fruit.


The bins stack very nicely on top of each other and keep everything protected and nicely organised.


How do you sort your freezer?


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