Organic medicinal herbs guide with top 5 natural herbs

Medicinal herbs can be very effective for many reasons, from helping you get a good nights sleep, to helping against morning sickness in pregnancies. The best part is that many of them come in the form of a good old cup of tea.
Here are the top 5 useful medicinal herbs that can either be bought in tea from the shop, or be grown in your garden.
Aloe Vera gel straight from the plant is fantastic for soothing burns of any type including sunburn. Aloe vera gels is also great on nappy rash. Cut off a leaf from the plant take a sharp knife and fillet the leaf; scrap the gel out be careful not to get the sharp leaves or the yellow gel near the outside of the leaves on your burn.
Chamomile tea is well known for promoting sleep and relaxation. It is also great to drink after a meal to help aid digestion and upset stomachs. A strong infusion can be used as a mouthwash to help treat mouth ulcers and gum disease or as a hair rinse to accentuate blonde highlights. If making a tea from fresh herbs simply use the flowers fresh or dried.
Peppermint is good for a lot of things. As a tea it can help relieve stomach cramps and flatulence. Peppermint leaves, or oil, can be rubbed on the temples to help relieve headaches or nausea. It can also be rubbed on the skin to help relieve itching and inflammatory skin problems.
Ginger root is easiest bought fresh from the store rather than attempting to grow it yourself. Ginger tea aids digestions, helps against nausea, helps with travel sickness, and is also safe to use during pregnancy for morning sickness. A combination of ginger, lemon juice and honey is great for colds and flu.
Lemon balm is very calming and can be drunk as a tea to help with tension, stress, aid digestion and as if that as is that wasn’t enough it can also help you sleep better. Lemon balm leaves can be rubbed on cold sores as it is antiviral. Lemon balm leaves rubbed on the skin repels mosquitoes and relieves itching once stung.
If you only have room for one herb then invest in an Aloe Vera plant or two to put on your window sill. All the other herbs can be bought in tea bags from the store.
Pour yourself a cup of tea and enjoy the soothing effects of nature.

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