One reason I love being a SAHM

John playing with a new animal book
There are so many reasons I love to be at home with my little boy. The latest reason is that we are totally flexible and don’t have to ask anyone when I can do things and when I can go away. Last week Mr Ecochick had to go to the air force for a few days and so we decided to go with him. We were going to go home yesterday morning early but he had to stay an extra day so we could just stay and not have to let anyone know (well had to let my brother know so that he could feed the cats and bunny) or have to ask  anyone for permission. Then some equipment failed and so we had to stay another day. So here we are in sunny Palmerston North and guess what, I don’t have to ask  anyone if we can stay longer. 
We’re having a wonderful time staying with grandma and grandpa, so great that they can spend all this extra time with John. We also had a BBQ on the weekend so that everyone could meet the newest man in my life. Was wonderful to see so many friends and share some lovely food. John got very spoilt and got some lovely new soft toys and some fantastic new books. It’s an amazing feeling that we can just pack up and go where ever Mr Ecochick has to go for work whether it be inside New Zealand or overseas. So special to be a mobile family.        
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