Oiling furniture

There really is nothing like the look of wood; unpainted, unstained pure beautiful wood. I love the natural look of wood so we decided to oil our beautiful medicine cabinets rather than use a lacquer. I love the natural velvety look that oil gives wood, however, the down side is it needs constant reapplication. 
the oil is smelly so open all the windows or better do the oiling outside.  

What you’ll need:
Finishing oil I used Mirotone finishing oil 
several rags 
For the first two weeks apply the oil every second day, then once a week for two months, then once every six months

First sand the furniture (cabinets) with the sand sponge. No need to clean the  furniture before oiling.   

It would be better to wear gloves as the oil sticks to your fingers (comes off with hot water). 
Put some oil on a rag and rub onto the furniture. Rub the oil/ rag in a circulation motion to get the oil right in the grain/ cracks.   

Once the oil is applied use a clean rag to rub the oil out. Rub with the grain. You might need a few cloths as they will get saturated with oil. Repeat. 
Lovely velvet wood. 

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