October Bloom Day

Reading Gwen‘s blog today– that girl cracks me up. She’s so funny anyways she had lovely photos on her blog of what is growing/ blooming in her garden. This post is part of May Dreams Gardens’ Bloom Day series. The Bloom day series is on the 15of every month bloggers from all over the world post pictures of what is blooming/ growing in their gardens. This series started back in February 2007. How cool is that? I thought since I have a garden now that I would join in.
Here’s what’s blooming at my place: 
After the huge amount of rain we’ve had this week and also the warmer weather the garden has just taken off. Most of my veggies have literally doubled over night and the others have grown huge flowers – which I have cut off in the hope that I might get a little more food from them. I guess they’ll have to come out now so I can plant new ones. Loving this veggie garden thing.
My potatoes have shot up and are now growing out of the planters – I think they need some more dirt. The other picture is my tiny little yam plants!! Well actually I think they are yams as that is what I have planted in there but hey they could actually be weeds I guess time will tell.

Loving the beautiful apple tree blossoms. Fruits trees have the prettiest blossoms. My nectarine is also blooming but I didn’t get a photo. The garden is looking very pretty. Who would ever have thought I’d get so excited about plants!?!
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