Now to reduce 1/3 of our rubbish

First item on the list: buy a compost bin. That will have to come off trade me as I hate to buy things new and much prefer to buy second hand. The reasoning not only is second hand cheaper (which I love!) but also it means that new products don’t have to be made for me and that in my mind is better than recycling as I’m reusing what another person doesn’t want, need or use.
Ok so found one on trade me in Napier. Luckily mum and dad were in Napier that weekend so they picked the new bin up for me. Great. So the bin arrived. I was very excited and set it all up and put it out in the garden. I was so proud of my new bin and how green we were beginning to be.
Now to get ice cream containers to put on the bench so that we can have a container full of stuff to go into the compost bin rather than have scraps all over the place. Got some from family members. Great more things being reused.

I read the other day that according to the Auckland rubbish people one third of all rubbish in rubbish bags is green waste. Sad really so if we all had compost bins we would reduce our countries waste dramatically.
The real reason I have a bin is to reduce my rubbish not really to make my own compost that’s a by product.
Well compost bin is going strong, even though the bin was my idea I’m really naughty I leave the container emptying for husband. I do it sometimes but more often than not when the container gets full I grab another ice cream container and we start filling that. So feeling guilty today I went and emptied it.
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