Nijntje cake

Had great fun making the birthday cake. I baked the cake in our big lasagne dish, mum printed out a Nijntje picture for me; I cut it out and put it on the cake then cut the cake around the picture to get the correct shape. Mum’s best friend is a professional cake maker and so she helped me ice the cake (was very lucky that she could help me); she had the most amazing cake supplies that I was able to use. We rolled out some almond icing and put this all over the cake. We made up the different colours of icing and then piped the icing as Nijntje’s outline. It’s actually pretty hard to do and I wasn’t able to do it straight at all – speed bumps. All in all the cake turned out really well. John thought it was super yummy and suck it straight in his mouth (he’s never had cake before so boy was he keen).
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