Night Nappies

I went to the cloth nappy week nappucion today was great to meet some like-minded mums. Had a discussion with a few mums about using cloth full time so I though I would share how we use cloth at night. We put a normal nappy on John before we put him to bed at around 7ish this consists of an itti bitti nappy with a bamboo mini booster then at around 10.30/ 11 we change John into a night nappy.
A night nappy for us is two mini boosters – my sister-in-law uses two large boosters instead of the mini boosters which I guess we’ll move onto when the minis aren’t enough anymore but at the moment the two minis will last John until around 9am the next morning. We’ve had the odd day when John’s been wet all the way through but this is unusual normally he is dry. This system works for us since John is use to being woken up at night to have his nappy changed; some nights he doesn’t even wake when we change him. For us full time cloth nappies work.  
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