New toaster

Recently our toaster died so Mr Ecochick pulled it part to try to fix it but it was all over for the toaster. We looked at getting a new toaster from flybuys as we have enough points but we didn’t get around to it. So last week when we wanted some toast Mr Ecochick pulled out the sandwich press and popped in some bread, put down the lid and whipped us up some toast. Apparently the local hospital uses sandwich presses instead of toasters as every time someone burns the toast the fire alarms get set off and they have to clear the whole hospital. You can’t burn toast in a sandwich press so it is a much safer option. 
I love that we are reusing an item that we already own rather than going out to buy another appliance that would take up space in the cupboard. Of course we are also saving us some money by not buying a toaster when we have a perfectly good appliance that can do the job just as well. 
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