New SodaStream machine

I love SodaStream; I love the company’s ideology, I love the machines, I love the flavours, I just love SodaStream. Imagine how happy I was when SodaStream emailed me to say they wanted to send me some yummy flavours to say thanks for the review I did a few years ago. They also sent me one of their super fancy new Fizz machines to try.

Why I love SodaStream the company; SodaStream has been around since 1903! I love that SodaStream is a genuinely green company and tries hard to reduce the amount of waste going into landfills; 1500 bottles and cans (per family/per year) are kept out of the landfill by owning a machine.

Why I love Sodastream machines; One SodaStream gas bottle makes 30 litres which is the equivalent of 85 cans of fizz. Once the gas bottle is empty simply take it to a store and exchange it for a new one. SodaStream recyclable bottles are BPA-free and made without any polycarbonate materials or phthalates producing substances or PCBs. SodaStream machines are very durable and almost completely recyclable. 

Why I love SodaStream flavours: One bottle of syrup makes 12 litres of yummy fizzy goodness; keeping waste out of the landfills and saving you lots of money. Even the normal syrups have half the sugar content of the store bought branded counterpart. Half the sugar that’s a win/win.   
You can buy 25 different flavours in New Zealand; some are sugar free, some are sparkling and some are syrupy goodness.  

I am very happy with my new super stylish Fizz machine. 
I’ve had it for a few months now and I love the new FizzChip that is on top of the machine. The FizzChip displays how much gas is left in the gas bottle and also how much fizz is in your drink. 
I think the gas bottle usage gauge is really useful; no more worrying about when the bottle will run out 
(it pays to own two gas bottles to exchange in time of need). 
I found that the 3 cup fizz strength is not enough for me I am an extra fizzy drink kind of girl so my fizz is off the scale! 
SodaStream also kindly sent me some new flavours to try. They sent me sugar free cranberry/ raspberry, sugar free lemonade, sugar free cola, summer lemon and my favourite ginger beer. We love the sugar free cola and lemonade they left no nasty after taste that sugar free drinks often have. They were smoother than the sugar ones and I could happily buy the sugar free ones rather than the normal ones. Sugar free cranberry/ raspberry was tasty too but I prefer the ordinary raspberry flavour. Summer lemon and ginger were as amazing as all ways.

  Thanks SodaStream. 

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