New site, new logo, all systems are go

You might have noticed that my site has moved and I have a flash new logo. So what’s up with all that? I wanted to take my blog to new heights and I felt I couldn’t do that on the platform I  was on so I moved to wordpress with the amazing help from the fabulously wonderful Vicky from Digital Discussions (note do not do this yourself get a professional to do it. It’s scary enough swapping your blog let along doing it yourself!). I love, love LOVE the whole new look of my blog so magazine like so stylish. Thanks Vicky you rock! I hope you guys find it as easy to use as I do plus how sexy it looks (oh yes very shallow I wanted my blog to look great so I moved so here I am!).nz_homestead_logoI also have an amazing fabulous super wonderful cute and fancy new logo that Fiona Kertesz from Fiona Ketersz Pet Portraits made for me (my super talented amazingly sexy best friend who is also a graphics designer plus incredible artist so if you want any design work done or an amazing portrait of your lovely pet get in touch). I just love, love LOVE my new logo. Thanks Fiona I LOVE it.

Plus check out this super fantastic business card Fiona made me. Wow I’m so flash!!

nz_eco_livingSo what does all this mean for me? Well I have a great new platform that I host so it’s mine, all mine!! I get a great looking blog that’s easy to use for blogger and reader a like. I’m having fun writing my own code and changing things as I see fit since it’s mine! Did I mention it’s all mine!! I can do with it as I like! So what do you think of the whole new look? Do you like it? Aren’t Vicky and Fiona super clever to help me create my amazing new site and logo? I do so love it.

So what will 2014 hold for NZ Ecochick? I plan to do lots of blogging, I have lots of great ecoliving tips, tutorials and general great information for you all. I have heaps of amazing giveaways for you. I may even open a store and do workshops (what do you think? interested?)? I will be doing some more guest speaking this year so if you’re interested in getting on board and being a sponsor or hiring me to guest speak for you please get in touch.

Let’s make 2014 a year to reduce our waste and plastic, live more green, save some money and most importantly love more and have LOTS of FUN!!!! love you guys xxx


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