New sink

On the renovation kick at the moment; was looking on trade me for a laundry sink and found the sexiest most amazing sink I’ve ever seen. I know that sounds odd but this sink is seriously fantastic!! After a bit of a bidding battle we won this fabulous sink for a steal. It’s a German made 80% granite composite sink! Though we won’t be renovating the kitchen till maybe next year or the year after but I really couldn’t let this amazing sink leave my sight. Another amazing trade me bargain.
Have I mentioned how much I love trade me? It’s good for everyone; allows one to save money, one to make money, one to sell off stuff they don’t want anymore and one to start their own business. Win for everyone really. Yes of course you can end up buying stuff you don’t really need as things can be pretty cheap on there but if you only buy what you do need you can save truck loads of money. I also love the fact that this allows items to be reused which may have otherwise gone to the tip.
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