New ring

I finally have my wedding ring back! Woohoo!!! I had to take it off when I was six months pregnant as I put on quite a bit of weight while pregnant. I cried when I had to take my ring off and ever since I’ve been wearing a Russian wedding that belonged to my great aunt but it just wasn’t the same as wearing my own ring. So last weekend we went back to the jeweler who made our rings and we both got our rings re-sized. I’m so happy that I have my wedding ring back on.


I love my ring it is so super special not just because it’s my wedding ring but because Mr Ecochick designed it for me, a girlfriend’s mother made it and the centre diamond comes from a ring that belonged to my opa.

The ring my diamond came from had two other diamonds in it; my sister in law has used one to put in her wedding ring and the last diamond is for my other sister in law. Very wonderful.

My ring is even more special now since I got it enlarged and Mr Ecochick had to get his made smaller so the jeweler used the palladium from his ring to make mine bigger so now even our rings are joined.


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