New rabbit hutch

Wow our bunny (well rabbit rather than bunny!) is now just over a year old and wow has she grown. I knew she was going to be big and she sure does live up to her name! Flemish giant rabbits can grow up to 9kgs! I haven’t weighed Nijntje but I’m guessing she is around 6 kg and could still grow some more.
So check out this amazing hutch I scored off freecycle. I LOVE freecycle it’s an amazing system! I love the whole concept behind freecycle. I love that I can list items on there that I no longer have any use for; it’s amazing what another person can use even though I don’t need or want it any more. I have got so many cool things off freecycle. Freecycle works on a karma basis; you list items you don’t need anymore and someone comes and collects it and gives it a new home. When you see something on the listings that you like/ want or need you can respond and say you would like it. You can also request items. Amazing system!
Nijntje is so much happier in this bigger cage! She does have a day cage but I wanted a bigger cage for her anyways. Another cool thing about this amazing cage is that the people I got it off made it from items they had lying around the house! So the cage has been upcycled and now freecycled for one happy bunny. Check out her amazing sleeping quarters.     
Check out the size difference between Nijntje’s new cage and her old one!! WOW! Now that Nijntje has a new cage I’m even closer to getting my quails!!!  
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