New old shoes

Buying vegetarian friendly shoes is slowly getting a little easier but it still a bit of a struggle to buy nice good quality shoes so I like to keep my shoes going. I have a pair of Sketches I’ve had for about two and a half years and they are so comfy and still look cute after all the abuse I’ve given them. I also hate throwing out good but old items. So when the velcro on my shoes were getting a bit worse for wear I took them to the cobbler to get re-velcroed. So $12 later I had my old shoes back good as new. No need to spend lots of money or throw out a good usable item.
It’s nice to have my old friends back good as new. Ok they might look a bit old but no need to throw them out yet they still have plenty of miles in them. It really pays to think about how an item can be fixed or reused before throwing it out.
PS don’t you love my colourful mis-matched socks? I’m rather famous for them. He he I never were matching socks and they are always bright colours. These prettys were a birthday gift from my bestie. Doesn’t she know me so well!?
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