New life for my foot stool

Mum had this foot stool in her home for ages (no idea where it came from) and now it has moved into our home. I love foot stools and have three (one that’s a bit more like a low chair which I often like to sit on); this might have something to do with the fact that I’m 5.2 and so often chairs are too tall for me!!! It’s kind of an ugly stool but I knew it could be saved especially when mum came home with the most amazing fabric. A friend of hers has an upholstery business and this fabric was for curtains or chairs in some consulate building (I think) anyways mum took the leftovers for her craft cupboard (you guessed right that would be in my craft cupboard now!).
So after two days of doing NOTHING but washing dishes, doing washing, folding washing and cleaning the house (not that I seem to be getting anywhere!) I decided that house be damned I needed to do something for myself. So out came the lovely fabric and a staple gun. Basically I turned the chair over, stretched the fabric and stapled away. I might paint the legs of the stool or take off the old varnish and redo it when I’m doing the bathroom’s door frames.
I like the new stool it looks wonderful in its new spot. John thinks the stools is cool too as he can climb on it and onto my lap when I’m sitting in the chair. So while John had a nap I snuggled into the chair put my feet on the foot stool and read a book. Nice.  
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