New gardens

I wanted to share the wonderful new gardens I have. This one is a tyre I got from a friend. I filled it with strawberries that my neighbour left on my doorstep for me. I love sharing and exchanging wares; my sister in law gave me some seeds that she didn’t need anymore and I have some left over ones for her. So cool to share. I’m so loving companion planting so when I planted my strawberry plants I put some lettuce seeds in the middle of the planter; will be interesting to see how different these strawberries grow compared to the ones I have in hanging baskets (though they are two different varieties so not sure how the comparison will work!).

I planted a passionfruit a wee while ago but the snails got to it and I don’t know if it will survive (grr). I really want to have a passionfruit so today I bought a new plant a much larger one. I moved some concrete blocks to close in a little garden on our bedroom patio, added some potting mix and planted the new passion fruit. I dug up the old passion fruit and moved that into the new garden as well (I hope it will come back to life). 
Companion plants for passionfruit are alfalfa, marjoram, lemon grass, lemon balm and scented geraniums (I hate geraniums so I most certainly will not be planting any of those). So I think I’ll get some lemon grass as I like the way it smells and lemon balm as it repels mozzies. I have some marjoram in my herb garden so I will move that to under the passionfruits as well.

My parents in law are renovating their old bathroom and so I got their old laundry tub. I rushed down to mitre10 and bought a zucchini plant today. I have planted the zucchini so that it can grow up the pole though from what I can see zucchini’s seem to spread their leaves outwards not upwards as I thought. Oh well I might trying tying it upwards anyway. We’ll see. Companion plants to the zucchini are corn, beans and radishes (I don’t like radishes so I won’t be planting any of these). I dug up three corn plants and planted this in the tub with the zucchini. I have some butter beans and dwarf beans that have been waiting patiently to be planted so I planted the dwarf beans in the tub so they can grow up the corn if they need support. I hope I haven’t put too many plants in the tub. I guess I can always dig some out if I find there isn’t enough room. The new tub looks great opposite the other laundry tub filled with thyme and parsley.
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