New floor

We put a new floor in the bathroom tonight. That’s right we put a new floor in our own bathroom in about 3 hours; looks great too. I got two different flooring companies to give me quotes for lino in the bathroom; was much more expensive than I expected it to be. Our tiler told us about Allurefloating floors that you can buy from Mitre 10 for a fraction of the price of lino.
Mr Ecochick and I put the floor in together this evening; the floor was easy to put in it literally clicked together just like the packaging said. It was a little complicated to get started and took Mr Ecochick a short while to work out the layout – don’t ask me I have NO idea how to match up all the tiles or how it worked. Once we had started the first few rows though it all fitted together really quickly so quickly that we also put in the new fancy toilet.
I don’t know how long this floor will last or how it will stand up to the conditions of a bathroom though it is advertised for all areas of the home including the bathroom. At this price though I figured ok it might be so ‘green” to have to replace it in a few years time but if it needs replacing we will figure it out then. Who knows it might last years (the product does come with a 25 year warranty so that must mean something). All in all this product looks great and was easy to put in.
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