New crockery

A few year back (five I think. Wow times flies!) we bought a beautiful set of crockery. We collected the individual pieces and had to go to several different stores in several different places and towns to collect the whole set. We were so happy with our beautiful looking set but actually this beautiful set turned out to be crap. It was ceramic so it got really hot when you put it in the microwave or oven (I dropped a few pieces as I burnt my hands taking it out of the microwave). The ultra cool square plates didn’t fit in our microwave and chipped every time you accidentally bumped them on something. Grr no it was not a good buy at all. So this time round what did we buy?

crockery_white_ecoInstead of buying a prepackaged set of plates, bowls, and cups/ mugs (we would have needed to buy two sets to get eight plates) we decided it was cheaper and better for us (as we really didn’t need any more cups!) to buy individual good quality white bone china crockery.  We bought eight plain white bone china plates plus four smaller white bread plates and four white bowls.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe bought the plates and bowls in plain white so if any break we can just buy replacements. We bought the classic range that in theory won’t go out of style and so can easily be replaced. These plates have so far proven to be very effective they can go in the oven and microwave and don’t heat up like our old ones did.

The first night we used them Mr Ecochick asked if I noticed anything different about the meal? I answered did you put coriander or paprika in it? No he said laughing at me “we’re eating off our new plates!”. Ha ha goes to show how nondescript our new crockery is. If I wanted to I could buy some coloured pieces but I like the white; it’s easy and all matches. What do you use in your home?



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