New chook book

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Look what turned up today!! I’m so excited! I’ve been running out to the letter box everyday. I’m one step closer to getting my chooks. I’m still “researching” whether or not I want to have chooks. Well I know I want to have chooks but do I want them on my property at this point in time? I think I do but Mr Ecochick is not so sure. 
So I bought this magazine to help me work out the reality of having chooks since I know absolutely nothing about them. It’s not like getting a new bunny or cat. Lots of blogs I read have chooks and people seem to love them and have a great time with them. 
I hate that I don’t know where my eggs come from and that just because the egg carton says free range this doesn’t actually mean that they are. I’d love to have my own happy chooks which I know are well cared for and not wanting. Will keep you posted.  


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