New camera!!!

Olympus_Mju_cameraWe finally got a new camera. We wanted to get one before John was born but just hadn’t got round to it. We wanted one with as much optical zoom as possible. After some researching we found the Olympus Mju 9010. It has 14mp and 10x optical zoom. That’s a lot of zoom!!  I love that it’s super small with this giant zoom lens that pops out. Did I mention it’s zoomalishous! I first saw this camera in a retail store for $800ish. That’s why I hate paying retail!

So onto the internet we go. Go price spy! It’s a great website which lets you find the cheapest price on whatever product you want to buy. You just type in a product and it gives you the price of the product at different online stores. If you don’t want to buy online it also shows you prices at brick and mortar stores. We buy most of our things through sites on this website; it saves us heaps of money and we’re all about saving money. Now to work out how to use my new toy. Off to take some pictures we go.


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