New bunny friend

We got a new bunny friend yesterday as home just isn’t the same without an animal in it. When mum and dad go on holiday their cats come to stay at our place – it’s like the cat’s holiday home. John just loves it when the cats come to stay as he’s just crazy about all animals and does this super cute laugh and squeals with delight when he sees or gets near an animal. 

I believe all children should have animals in their lives either at home or somewhere close by that they can play with. When I was growing up we had lots of animals; we had cats, bunnies, guinea pigs, fish, birds and even a billy goat called Top and Bottom Field Marshall Sergeant Major Billy Goat! Mr Ecochick is seriously allergic to cats and dogs which sucks for both of us. That’s why years ago we got a bunny and so when she passed away I wanted another bunny.
Little bunny (who’s a Flemish giant/ lop cross so won’t be so little) turned 6 weeks last week so we collected her and took her home yesterday. Normally bunnies wouldn’t go to a new home till they are eight weeks or older but because these bunnies were doing so well and putting so much weight on (also helps that I’m a fully qualified vet nurse) she let them leave their mother early. John is so excited about our new little friend and has been playing with her all day. She’s a sweet wee thing and is getting to learn her way around. Bunnies are so super cute with their long ears and cute little twitchy noses. As for a name? I think I’ll call her Nijntje.
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