New bathroom

I’m FINALLY ready to show our bathroom!!!
It’s been mostly finished for a while now but it is now totally TOTALLY finished!!
I love my fancy new bathroom.
I love that so much in my bathroom has been reused, recycled 
or bought second hand. 
 Our bathroom used to be a tiny bathroom and an even smaller toilet.
Here are some pictures of what our bathroom used to look it.
 The bathroom from the hall.
It was lovely and retro.
Not to mention dark and dingy.
It had lovely brown tiles and a clam shell plastic basin!
Also a mirrored wall!
Haha so sexy!
 Our bathroom also had a super sexy shub in it.
The shub and mirror and other goods all went to good homes on freecycle. 
Wow look how little John was a year ago!!!
 This is the tiny toilet in all it’s glory.
Not big enough to swing a cat in.
 It all started with this hole I made in the wall!!
 We knocked a wall out between the bathroom and toilet.
Put in all new walls, ceiling and floors.
We insulated all the walls to make it all nice and warm.
We stripped back all the rimu which now looks so amazing.
Why people paint rimu I don’t know?!
This bathroom could not have happened without the amazing help
from my parent’s and brother. 
My wonderful dad and Mr Ecochick took 3 weeks off work to work on this epic project.
Thanks so very VERY much guys. Love you heaps.
So are you ready for the new and improved bathroom?
 Here is the view from the door.
Sexy rimu in all it’s glory.
A super efficient toilet (3 and 4L flush!).
We have 2 heated towel rails;
one we got on sale with vouchers
and the other one came from my MIL house when she was renovating.
We put in a timer so the heaters are only on when they’re needed.
 The wall where the mirror used to be is my wonderful solid rimu vanity.
 I bought this amazing vanity off trade me. It came with basins and taps!
Above are my lovely medicine cabinets also off trade me.
 Where the shub used it be is now a lovely enamel bath.
The bath and tiles were all bought on sale.
 We have a highly efficient 5LPM shower head kindly sent to me by Methven.
We chose a glass shower door for longevity. 
John and I love taking baths together.
It’s not unusual for Mr Ecochick to come home 
and find John and me in the bath together.
So much fun bathing with a baby.
We added some lovely coving to match the rest of the house.
I just love the feel of our bathroom.
It’s such a beautiful happy place. 
The only thing I would change is put in a bigger bath 
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