New bath and shower!!!

We finally have a shower!! Woohoo!! It’s the best shower in the world! Well maybe not but it’s pretty amazing. We are super happy how the tiles and bath look. I’m really glad we decided to use tiles; I feel they are a great long term solution. The white tiles are made of ceramic. The bronze tiles are made of glass and look beautiful; they really break up the white nicely.
The new wonderful shower is a Methven Kiri which has a water rating of 8.5 litres per minute. The shower uses satinjet technology which basically feels like a strong mist and feels pretty good knowing you’re only using 8.5lpm. I do really love my long showers too. Naughty I know but hey we all have one vice or more.
John loves the new telephone tap we got. He keeps wanting to play with the handheld shower; so much easier to wash his hair. The bath fills really quickly with the bathfill feature on the gas water heater that we have installed. We disconnected the hot water cylinder and put in a Bosch highflow system; it has a 5.5 star energy rating and is super efficient. I love Bosch it’s a great environmentally friendly company. We’ve also got a new Bosch washing machine and dryer. Even though the rest of the bathroom isn’t finished (we’re going to paint this weekend) it’s so great to be able to shower at home again.
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