Natural teething remedies

May article for the Parents centre newsletter 


Teething seems to be a horrible time for babies. It must not only hurt but also be scary having something growing in their mouths. With so many products on the market it is hard to know which products to use, below are some natural remedies. Distraction with toys, cuddles or going for a walk can often work wonders as some-times this is all they need as children are not always in pain, some-times they are just uncomfortable.
Some cheap home remedies are a wet facecloth that has been in the freezer or some frozen fruit such as bananas or celery (if your baby already has teeth these can be put in mesh nets so not to be a choking risk). Almost any household item can be a great for teething; your fingers, large solid plastic pegs and wooden spoons are fantastic. There are loads of teething rusks you can buy from the supermarket, or you can make your own, these are a great distraction and seem to be yummy as well.
If these don’t always work there are other natural options that can be bought. There are lots of great teething rings; these are especially good if kept in the fridge but not the freezer as this can make the plastic fragile.
Amber necklaces are very popular; so many people swear buy them. John wears one, it seems to be working as he doesn’t dribble as much, his checks aren’t as red and he is not as crabby.
Chamomilla tablets (or Weleda teething powder) are great at helping calm and soothe an upset baby and the tablets also help with the clinginess that comes with teething.
Hyland’s Teething Gel is great to help a sore baby go to sleep and it appears to be the only homeopathic teething gel on the market.
Though John’s all time favourite toy and teething remedy is Sophie the giraffe; she is super cute and is a great distraction for an upset baby or any time really.
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