Nappy rash cream

On and off over John’s whole life he’s had episodes of nappy rash. I’ve tried pretty much everything so was very happy when I got one of Wendyl’s Green Goodess weekly emails with a great recipe to help treat nappy rash.

I made two batches; one with zinc and one without in the hope that I can use the one without zinc as a general barrier cream but I don’t think this cream works as well without the zinc so I will continue to look for a homemade barrier cream.

Though the zinc cream is fantastic for nappy rash and I will continue to use this any time John’s nappy rash flares up. Seems to be whenever John’s teething his nappy rash flares up poor baby. 
All these ingredients can be bought cheaply from Lotus oils. Total cost of this cream was $6.63.

Mix together in a bowl
50g vegeum jelly
1tsp zinc oxide powder
3 mls almond oil
½ tsp lanoline 
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