My son wears tights

It’s getting colder here already and it’s only May 🙁
I have to keep my baby warm. 
I think I often dress John up too warm but better than having a cold baby.
So my son wears tights. 
Isn’t he just the cutest?
Don’t the tights look great poking out from under his dungarees? 
When we went to Holland a few years back mum suggested I bought John some tights to keep him nice and warm. Given it was snowing. 
In Holland all children wear tights to keep them warm no big deal.
I wasn’t able to find any tights in NZ so a friend sent us some from Holland.
I recently found some cheap tights in T&T clothing and online at cosy toes. 
Tights are not just for girls and they will keep your child super warm!   
How do you keep your kiddies warm in the winter time?
Madeleine x
PS dont you love the old time look of these photos? 
Check out picmonkey a great new site that I’m just loving!!!
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