My personal love affair with cloth

While I was “researching” cloth nappies for John I found so many different cloth baby items that I thought there must be adult cloth items that I can use to reduce our rubbish and save us money.


Cloth make up pads

I’m a real girly girl I love make up and I love my skin care regime. I am very loyal to companies and even though they are not the cheapest on the market I will only use companies that won’t test on animals. So I’m not prepared to compromise on my make up and skin care products but I wanted to save money on other items. Since I use cleanser and toner I find using make up pads are fantastic but I figured there must be an alternative to the disposable cotton ones that I use once and throw away. Such a waste of resources and also I hate that I am adding unnecessarily to our rubbish.

I was telling Mr Ecochick that I wish I could get some kind of cloth wipes to use for make up removal when lo and behold Ecomoon added a new product to their site – that’s right washable cotton balls. I was super excited to receive my new cloth make up pads. They are beautiful and are made from organic bamboo so are super soft on my skin. I just use them and then throw them in the wash.

I’ve been using them for a few months now and they are just a normal part of my life. I love my cloth wipes so much, I buy loads of these and give them to people as gifts. I figure they are a great simple way for people to start using cloth for themselves. So began my personal love affair with cloth.


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