My new best friend

A few months ago my dishwasher died. Actually it was a crappy old thing that came with the house but having never owned a dishwasher it was pure luxury! Mr Ecochick had pulled the old beast apart on more than one occasion but one day it was beyond repair. We had mum and dad’s old dishwasher in the garage that Mr Ecochick fixed but after it flooded my kitchen twice it had to go too. The old dishwashers went to Earthlink for recycling.
For several months now we’ve been hand washing and I tell you it sucks! I know I’m at home all day but doing four or five sink loads of dishes a day really is a waste of my time! I mean I don’t mind doing a load now and again as not everything can go in the dishwasher but this really was doing my head in.
New friend
So come Friday night we bought a new friend and I tell you I want to marry the new dishwasher! Though Mr Ecochick doesn’t think it would be a very productive marriage! We bought a new Bosch classic dishwasher I do so love Bosch – great German company! 
My fancy new friend only uses 12.3 litres per wash on the normal cycle and I use the quick cycle which uses even less water and only takes 29 minutes! Hand washing was using much more water than that per sink load! Mr Ecochick just worked that our sink holds 13 litres of water. So I was using four or five times that amount every day which my new friend now does in one load. So having a dishwasher is not only good for your sanity it’s good for the environment too. Just tell your hubbies and wives that! tee hee.
Now I can have my benches clear and boy are my dishes clean! They sparkle so much that I have to put on sunglasses! I tested the dishwasher last night by not rinsing and just putting in a dirty nachos plate which had grilled cheese and other yummies on it. My new friend took this project on no worries. Nothing gets your dishes as clena as a dishwasher. Oh I so love having a dishwasher!
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