My hunt for the perfect cloth nappy

Yes it’s a hot topic.

I decided early on in my pregnancy I wanted to use cloth nappies (for the baby not me). To me cloth seemed to be the only option as I wanted to save money, not increase our rubbish output and also reduce the chemicals on my child’s skin. The more I read about cloth nappies (and I “researched” the topic thoroughly!) the more convinced I was that cloth was the way to go.

When I started reading about cloth there was a lot of lingo and so many different types of nappies and it seemed so overwhelming and confusing. The Nappy Network does a great overview of types of nappies.

I first decided that I wanted a natural material cloth nappy ie: organic cotton, bamboo or hemp and I also wanted a New Zealand made product. The hunt was on.

I read loads of pages and forums to try to find out what nappies were out there.
There are so many great companies out there check out Nappy Network for a huge list that I discovered much later on.

I wanted an easy nappy system as I didn’t want to be folding or putting a few different layers on. So the weeks and hours went by and I thought I had found the nappy especially when they released an organic range. So I was all set now just to wait for the baby to arrive. Then reading more I realised a pocket nappy was not the way I wanted to go so I kept looking.

A month or so later I truly found what I believed was the perfect nappy for us (though these are an Australian product but I couldn’t find what I wanted in a NZ made product). It was mostly organic material, had snaps in it (that were colour coded!) and it came in super cute colours. 
My obsession with Itti Bitti nappies began…
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