My first publication!!

John at 4 months in our beloved itti bittis

I am so excited I’ve been asked by my local parent’s centre to provide them with a short column/ article each month. I’m SO excited as this means I’m going to be published! Well meaning other people out there will get it sent to their inboxes but that means published right? Guess what the topic is? Of course cloth nappies! My favourite topic!!!! Who knows what this might lead to!!!! Article is below:
So you have a new baby and you think why would I want to make even more work for myself? Trust me you’re going to be doing a lot of washing and changing A LOT of nappies, there is no way around either of these things. What you do have is a choice about is what you put on your baby’s tush. There are many reasons why you may decide to use cloth; save money, the environment, can be better for your little ones skin (ie less nappy rash), reduce your family’s rubbish output, etc.
One of the main reasons we decided to use cloth was to save money (plus the environmental ramifications). So what is the true cost of having a baby in nappies? Figure a child is in nappies for about 2.5 years; so using cloth (including washing, drying, etc) would cost about $1750 and sposes would cost about $4250. So cloth can save you loads! It doesn’t have to be all or nothing though, a lot of people use cloth part time. Even if you only use 1 cloth nappy every day you’ll save around $300 and 310 kg of waste going into the tip!
Most people when they think cloth they think of those white squares with pins that our mothers used. Well not anymore! Now there are so many different types of cloth companies and nappies that it can actually be overwhelming; the Nappy Network does a great overview.
I wanted an easy nappy system as I didn’t want to be folding or putting different layers on but also wanted a nappy that was cute. I mean crazy a cute nappy! The ones we use are brightly coloured and fluffy! We’ve been using cloth nappies since John was a week old and have never looked back. It’s just such a normal part of our life and cloth is not only easy, money saving but also fun. So go ahead join the club. 
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