Mother’s Little Helper

October article for the Parents centre newsletter

An old fashioned guide to raising your baby chemical-free by Wendyl Nissen
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If you wish your baby came with a manual well here it is! Mother’s Little Helper has wonderful good old fashioned advice on everything baby; from the day you find out your pregnant, preparing your home for the imminent arrival of your little one to solids and going back to work (if you’re going back to work).
I really love this super useful, very witty, environmentally friendly, non-judgemental book and will be referring to it often. In here you’ll find fantastic recipes from baking super easy knead-free bread to completely natural remedies for everything in your home and for baby. The book is divided into three main subjects; your chemical free home and invaluable pregnancy advice; once baby arrives including a great chapter called “tried and true solutions to everything from colic to nappy rash” and beyond as well as how to keep your sanity. 
Wendyl gives you permission to wear your pjs all day, ask visitors to leave and ask others for help. There is no shame in asking someone for help– even better ask them to make a recipe out of this book; either for some food or a chemical free cleaner for your home. In Mother’s Little Helper you’ll find over 80 easy natural recipes for keeping toxins away from your baby and out of your home.
Mother’s Little Helper isn’t just all about cleaning and making products it’s also an all questions answered guide to coping with a newborn. You’ll find easy to read and very funny information to help with the life changing experience of having a child. This book is like having your own wonderful, cookie baking all knowing fairy godmother at your side 24 hours a day. Mother’s Little Helper is an absolute must for all mums and grandmothers. 

name nz ecochick
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