Mother of a toddler

My baby took four steps on his own yesterday!! This is an exciting and also a sad day. It’s exciting watching my little man grow up and do new things all the time but I’m definitely fighting against him becoming a toddler. So great John waited to walk till Mr Ecochick was home!! Even when John was really little I had mixed feeling about his developmental mile stones as they are called. Don’t get me wrong it’s amazing to watch him roll over for the first time, reach for things and hold toys for the first time, say mama and dada for the first time, then crawl and now he has half a tooth but it also is kind of like the end of babyhood and the last year (that’s right he’ll be a freaking ONE in a few weeks ekk) has just gone so super quick.  
I feel so blessed that I’ve been able to be at home with John and see every new thing he does but boy has it gone fast. I see that with my nieces; we had a wonderful family weekend away (we try to get away all together once a year) and boy have those girls grown; Kaylah who is 3.5 and Ella is 1.5 grow physically as well as mentally every time I see them. I can so clearly remember when the girls were born. Waa goes too quick!! So officially I now have a toddler but I’m holding on for dear life to my little baby. 
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