Mixed spice apple fruit leathers

It’s apple session and so that means loads of apples around for eating and preserving. Actually I’m not a huge apple fan but here are two great ways to preserve apples and make them yummier and last longer. I dried some apple slices in my dehydrator. These came out really nice. John is a huge dried fruit fan so these are going down a treat and cost next to nothing to make.
I also made several batches of mixed spice apple fruit leathers. These are super yummy and are super cheap to make. So much cheaper then the supermarket ones and of course no additives. To make these I used a whole bunch of appliances since I already own these I used them to make my life easier but all you really need is a dehydrator.


To make mixed apple fruit leathers

800g apples

2 Tbsps honey

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1/2 tsp mixed spice

Peel, core and cut the apples. I used my apple peeler. Cook the apples until they are soft. Takes about half an hour.
Once the apples have cooled use a food processor to purée the apples.
Add the spices and mix them through the purée.
Grease the trays.
Spoon half the mixture per fruit roll tray.
Use a spatula to evenly spread the purée around the trays.
Turn on the dehydrator.
Once dried cut into slices and enjoy.
This recipe fills two trays and makes about 200g dried fruit roll ups.
If you don’t have fruit roll trays you can use baking paper.
Fruit roll ups are super easy to make and so yummy. You can make these all year round with fresh or tinned fruit.
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