Mixed grain bread

Being involved with plastic free July has really made me rethink the plastic coming into our home (which is the whole point of course) this has encouraged me to make more of my own bread as sometimes I get lazy/ tired. I’ve made no knead bread, easy steam bread, and bread in my bread maker. There is nothing as yummy as fresh hot homemade bread. I love waking up to the smell of baking bread. Nomnomnom.
Using a breadmaker makes life so much quicker/ easier. The thing I wasn’t keen on with breadmaker bread was it always had a funny after taste. We worked out it was the additives in the breakmaker yeast so we stopped buying that and just bought plain old yeast (buy this in bulk it’s much cheaper than at the supermarket). I know crazy right!? The trick to making good bread with this is the bloom the yeast. To bloom yeast add the yeast and sugar to tepid water, mix together and leave it for several minutes until it looks like this.


Mixed grain bread

mixedgrain_bread_nzIngredient list is for a large loaf

1 1/2Tbsp yeast
100g wholemeal flour
300g high grade flour
50g oatmeal
50g quinoa
30g polenta
30g linseeds
20g sesame seeds

1Tbsp brown sugar
2Tbsp butter
2Tbsp milk powder
1tsp salt
370ml water
2Tbsp cumin seeds (only for a savoury loaf)

First bloom the yeast then put the yeast aside and add last.
Add all the ingredients in above order into the bread maker. Adding yeast last.
Select your menu (mine is 6) and let the machine do all the hard work for you.
Wake up to yummy fresh bread. Enjoy. Do you have a favourite bread recipe you want to share? I’d love to hear from you.


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