Mint glorious mint

I love my herb planters and have been growing other plants in them but now I decided to go back to only having herbs in these planters (I have four of them and would like one more). In one planter I’ve put St John’s wort, Evening prim rose and pyrethrum; In another I have thyme, dill and parsley. In another planter I’m going to put sage and something else but not sure what yet.  
I realized that I had four different mint plants so I thought I would make a mint planter. I have a Vietnamese mint, a chocolate mint, peppermint and garden mint.    
Best of all I didn’t pay for any of these plants. I was given the Vietnamese mint as a seedling. The chocolate and garden mint were taken from cuttings and the peppermint were seeds that were given to me. 
Mint is super easy to propagate basically take a cutting (ie cut off a few healthy stems) and put them in water until the stems grow roots then plant. The plant can look like it has died as all the leaves might fall off but don’t be disheartened. You can propagate most herbs in this manner.     
Mint is very easy to grow often once it’s in your garden it’s hard to get rid of even if you contain it. Though so far I’ve had issues growing mint. Make sure you water mint lots I keep letting it dry out and mint does not like to be dry. 
I currently have a spearmint growing roots that I took from my mother in laws place so soon I’ll have five different types of mint. 
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