Milk powder curd cheese

This curd cheese is super easy and really cheap to make. You can use it as a ricotta replacement in meals or instead of cream cheese in cheese cake (I so want to make this yummy looking warm curd cake).

Milk powder curd

2L milk powder milk

1/4c white vinegar (or cider vinegar for extra flavour)

1/2tsp salt (optional)

cheese/ candy thermometer

Muslin/ cheese cloth

Make the milk powder the night before making the curd. Use 150g milk powder per litre of water.


Boil the muslin cloth to sterilise it before beginning. Place the muslin cloth in a colander with a container underneath to catch the whey.
Pour the milk into a large saucepan and bring to 80-90C over a medium heat slowly over 10-15 minutes. Stir gently during this time.
Add salt now if you’re going to add it (I didn’t).
Once the milk is 80-90C (keep at this temperature) add the vinegar really slowly. Stir it through the milk as slowly as you can.
Once the curds are formed remove these with a slotted spoon into a muslin lined colander (or just tip the curds and whey into the colander very gently) Catch the whey for later use.
Put the colander into a new container to catch the remainder of the whey then put he colander/ curd in the fridge for an hour.
Your curd is now ready to be used. The curd will keep for several days in a sealed container.
We used the cheese to make silverbeet and cottage cheese lasagna from scratch we made everything in the lasagna right from the cheese to the lasagna sheets and everything in between.
We also made fresh spinach and curd ravioli (so much work not sure if I’ll do this again).
This curd cheese only cost $3 in milk powder and makes about 600g of ricotta. This is 1/3 cheaper than the supermarket (plus no plastic tubs to recycle) and is so simple to make; I’ll never buy ricotta again. Oh and DO NOT throw out that whey pop it in the fridge for later use. I’ll do another post on things that can be done with it. Enjoy your cheap and easy curd cheese. Has anyone made this or feel inspired to do so?
 name nz ecochick
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