Milk bottle scoop

I’ve wanted to make a scoop for my chicken food for ages but since we don’t buy milk I had to wait till my MIL gave me a milk bottle. Nothing could be easier simply take one milk bottle, get out a pen and draw whatever shape you want. I cut mine pretty much straight across due to the shape of this bottle. If I’d a square type of bottle I would have cut it in a S shape.
Take a sharp knife and cut away. There you have have a super cheap animal feed scoop. This could also be used to scoop anything you like ie flour, rice, sand, etc.
The scoop worked well though it wasn’t as stiff as I would have liked. The scoop made filling my rabbit bucket so much quicker. It’ll make filling my Grandpa’s feeder a super quick job. Great way to reuse an old milk bottle.
I must add I made this out of one of Anchors new “lightproof” milk bottles on sale in New Zealand. These bottles are not recyclable so either please don’t buy them or find another use for them.
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