Metal garbage can planter

I can’t seem to get enough of planters and they seem to just keep landing in my lap. So cool. Mum had these two old garbage cans at her place that haven’t been used in years so she said I could have them. I bought some more spinach seedlings as the ones I planted in March finally seem to be giving up the ghost though we are still eating from them. With a little bit of help from baby John and Mr Ecochick I now have two more wonderful planters.
Since this garbage can is made of steel it was pretty easy to cut. Just a few pointers (thanks Mr Ecochick) you’ll need a sharp drill bit (these are the gold ones – well they are in our home) you’ll also need some type of oil – I used bran oil as the only other oil I had was extra virgin olive oil and no way was I using that. I poured oil all over the bottom of the cans and used a number 5 bit to drill pilot holes. Once these were done I re-drilled them with a number 10.
Once the holes were drilled I needed to deburr the holes as they were really sharp and evil looking. Mr Ecochick showed me how to deburr one hole with a round file– normally you use a bigger drill bit but we didn’t have one bigger than a 10 so a rasp it is. John thought this was fantastic so he picked up the round file and then deburred the rest of the holes for us. He was so serious – was super cute. Great hand coordination! I think only one side of the hole got deburred when John did it so Mr Ecochick had to go round and do them all again.
Once all holes were completed and deburred we a loaded pebbles into the bottomof the can taken out of the new garden. Then three quarters filled the cans with dirt from the garden then topped it up with potting mix. I figure spinach roots don’t go very deep so they wouldn’t need the good potting mix in the whole planter. Don’t they look great next to the potatoes?!
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