Memory board

I made a very cool memory board for my niece for Christmas I still a have to make another one for my other niece. These boards are really easy to make, they take about an afternoon and cost less than $10 so a great gift all round. I bought the fabric especially for this board but if you have left over curtain or any other fabric lying around that would make this project even cheaper. This board is designed to slip photos or pictures or other treasures in between the ribbons it is NOT designed to pin items to and is not a cork board.
What you’ll need:
A fat quarter of fabric (more or less depends on how big your backing is)
Some kind of backing – this needs to be quite stiff
Filling – quilters filling if you like
Sewing machine – if you want but you could just glue it
Thread and a needle (I used embroidery thread)
Nail and hammer or whatever you like to make holes with
Paper fasteners
Clear nylon thread for hanging the board up (or some other way to hang the board)
To make the board:
Measure the fabric and filling so that they are bigger than your chosen backing. I used canvas panels as these were super cheap but you could use picture frame backing or thin wood – but it can’t be too heavy.
I sewed the fabric and filling together but you don’t need too you could glue them together but I think sewing them makes it easier to work with. 
Turn the board over and glue the fabric to the backing and add some weights to help the glue stick. Get a needle and thread and crisscross the thread while stretching the fabric over the backing to keep tension in the fabric. 
Flip your board the right way round. Place your ribbon on the front to decide where you want it. Make sure your ribbon is long enough to wrap around the back of the board.
Take your hammer and nail (or punching device) and make a small hole right through the fabric and board. Push your paper fastener through the ribbon, fabric and backing. 
Turn your board over and use pliers to pull the paper fasteners tight so that the fabric is indented. Repeat until all your ribbon is attached.
Glue the edges of the ribbon to the back of the board. I also stuck mine down with duck tape to help the glue dry.
Attached clear nylon to the back of the board to hang the board.
Cover the back of the board with paper to make it look all pretty. You could write a message on the back if you wanted to.
Admire your work.


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