Medicine cabinet makeover

I just love before and after photos. Don’t you? 
We’ve almost finished our wonderful bathroom. I just love it and am so super happy with how it’s turned out. I bought lots of the things for the bathroom off trade me which saved us truck loads of money. Not to mention the fact that I didn’t have to leave the house and I can get lots of things online that I can’t get in shops. I love the internet

The medicine cabinets are made from recycled rimu that my brother was able to fix up as they were very roughly made. He sanded, oiled and added some mirrors for me. I didn’t see the point of having cabinets in the bathroom without mirrors. He also came up with the super clever idea of making two selves between the cabinets so they weren’t just float in thin air. 

The back of the cabinets were made of cheap chipboard and I saw a great idea on Organizing made fun of adding paper to the back of the cabinet for a fresh new look. Off to spotlight I went to buy some scrapbooking paper. I bought 6 sheets in total and some new craft glue. 
If I was to do this project all over again I would buy wallpaper or other paper that was wider than the cabinets as matching the paper was really difficult and time consuming. Even better if the shelves had been removable and then using a long piece of paper I could have just rolled, glued and cut! 

Since my paper wasn’t wide enough to go the whole width of the cabinet I glued one full sheet of paper up and then had to cut another sheet and match the pattern (which was no mean feat!). I measured my paper by pushing it against the back and cutting it off. This was a lot of guess work and a lot of this wasn’t very accurate at all! I should have used a ruler really. Once I had cut the paper to size I added a generous amount of glue to the back of the paper and rolled this out with a round wooden roller thing to avoid any lumps.
Once the paper was glued and in the right place I used one of my flattened spoons to smooth out the lumps and bumps in the paper. I used a knife to get the paper into the edges of the wood. I used a sharp knife to cut off the excess paper. I still have to go back and do this step as the paper breaks easily when it is wet so I’ll do this tomorrow.  

I love the new cabinets even more now. Next I think I’ll line the vanity drawers before I put everything back in the bathroom where it belongs.

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